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The future plan for me , as we all know is unpredictable and filled with uncertainty. No one knows what the future holds. As a self-proclaimed inquisitive individual, I have countless aspirations for myself. The future can be scary when you think about it. But its the ride what makes it fun.Here is a Future Plan for Teen, a Hong Kong teen.


Firstly, I’ll start by talking about my plans after I have finished my studies.After completing my associate degree, I will most definitely pursue a bachelors degree. This is because getting educated is important and vital for future success. Without a bachelors degree, getting a sustainable job with a reasonable income would be challenging.
It would be my life-long dream to start up my very own enterprise.But nothing in life comes easy so I will have to work hard and persist against any adversities I face. After getting my bachelors degree, I don’t think I will pursue a masters degree. It would be a good investment for myself but to be honest, it all depends on my situation after graduating.
Sometimes, I don’t really look deep into the future. Mainly because time passes by really fast and it is getting harder to keep track of time lately. Sometimes, I feel like time is going by too fast and its hard for me to realize it.
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